Organisational Culture Survey

Many thanks for your interest in company culture.

I have created this pop questionnaire to start to gather some initial data regarding changes in culture in society today. You are part of a select group testers. All data will be treated as anonymous.

With the advent of modern technology it feels many people are working longer hours, with an expectation of being ‘always on’. Some find this exhilarating, others stressful. The survey is to start to gather some initial data to find out more.

Once the initial data is gathered and assessed, the survey will be tweaked to reflect the options already received. At this point it will be available for more general circulation.

If you would like to be notified of when this is available please email me at

Alternatively please bookmark and check back on this page.

Finally, some links
Further copies of the survey are available able here
The latest set of results is available here