“… it’s Groundhog Day …!”

groundhog-386317_1920Yes today is Groundhog Day. No I am not talking about Punxsutawney Phil or even Wiaton Willie, nope today is the day when we all remember Bill Murray and the film of the same name (and it is a fun film if you haven’t seen it).

Since Groundhog day was mentioned to me this morning, I just cannot get the sounds of Bill Murray’s character shouting “…it’s Groundhog Day…” out of my mind, and just like Groundhog day it happens again and again every year.

So we need to spare a thought for all the hard working groundhogs today, on what is really Bill Murray day for the rest of us…!

…. There is a great piece by Dan Lewis today on the film, it is worth a read if you are a fan too.

But: exactly how many times did Bill Murray’s character re-live the same day over and over?

Well, to manage your expectations here, there’s no universally agreed upon solution. But the theories are pretty interesting. So, let’s go to it.

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