BBC News – Giant black hole in tiny galaxy confounds astronomers

Lets see, big black hole, small galaxy… can you hear the giant sucking sound..


Astronomers have spotted an enormous black hole – the second most massive ever – but it resides in a tiny galaxy.

The galaxy NGC 1277, just a quarter the size of our own Milky Way, hosts a black hole 4,000 times larger than the one at the Milky Way’s centre.

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Information ≤ Data : the challenge of more data

Great article on why data ≠ information, and the diminishing returns in terms of insight as this data increases.  We need to get smart with our our approach and analytical techniques to derive more value from more data.  Worth a read.


The value of any data is only as valuable as the information and insights we can extract from it. It is the information and insights that will help us make better decisions and give us a competitive edge. The promise of big data is that one could glean lots of information and gain many valuable insights. However, people often don’t realize that data and information are not the same. Even if you are able to extract information from your big data, not all of it will be insightful and valuable.

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UK consumer debt collection market valued at approximately £500 million

Although the UK consumer debt collection market, now valued at approximately £500 million, returned to profit in 2010, margins remain significantly below pre-credit crunch levels with several operators having invested to purchase debt portfolios as a way to secure business for their collections operations.

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Late-Night Gadget Use Damages Your Sleep Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does this sound familiar? You’re lying in bed, ostensibly ready for dreamland. But first, you grab your smartphone and set the requisite six alarms all of them blaring the Star Wars theme. But while you’ve got your phone out, you might as well text your buddy back like you meant to. Plus, now is the perfect time to plow through those 11 games of Gems With Friends that have been on hold. Oh, and there was that sloth video you never got around to watching on YouTube. Then, maybe it’s time for bed. But you should probably throw something on Netflix to help you pass out.

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Uranus has Bizarre Weather

Here’s the scene: a thick, tempestuous atmosphere with winds blowing at a clip of 900 km/h (560 mph); massive storms that would engulf continents here on Earth, and temperatures in the -220 C (-360 degree F) range. Sounds like a cold Hell, but this is the picture emerging of the planet Uranus, revealed in new high-resolution infrared images from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, exposing in incredible detail the bizarre weather of a planet that was once thought to be rather placid.

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