Coffee and Wine

I recently had this great cup of coffee at Aroma coffee.  It was delicious and reminded me of coffee regularly served in Italy.
Unfortunately once you get the taste for really nice coffee it is hard to go back.

It also made me realize how the coffee we are normally served is just not good (even in some large chains), and set me thinking about making better coffee at home.

So off to the supermarket to buy some good beans for my next brew.

Now even with my limited understand of coffee I did know that I wanted good arabica coffee beans (rather than robusta). This was the smooth taste I was looking for after all.

At the supermarket I discover, to my dismay, all coffee is marketed by country and roast, the type of bean is not mentioned.

Imagine buying wine like this. Say you could only buy French or Australian wine, red or white.
Gone would be your choice of merlot or shiraz, or cabernet grapes.

Choosing wine without the grape variety does not make sense and it doesn’t make sense in coffee either.
We need more bean detail on coffee packets.

It will come as it did in wine, however in the meantime, for the cause, however try a good coffee.
It makes such a difference.

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