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Don’t bet on it. In 2004, three statisticians from Stanford and UC Santa Cruz set out to test the classic coin flip. Using a mechanical flipper to ensure identical tosses, they chucked thousands of coins into the air and landed on a surprising conclusion. For a hand-tossed coin, there’s a slight bias toward the side it started on landing face up. While the bias only means the coin lands same-side-up 51 percent of the time, that’s still a better bet than anything you’ll find in a casino.

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Soviet Venus Images

Some great pictures here of Venus from the Russian probes.
Now reprocessed with modern image techniques.
Especially like the panorama view.

Check out the site below.




Venera-9 was the first lander to photograph the surface of Venus, on October 20, 1975. An optical-mechanical camera, scanning back and forth, returned almost two panoramas of a rocky hillside. The camera system was developed by A.S. Selivanov’s team at the Institute of Space Device Engineering. A second camera, facing the opposite side, malfunctioned when atmospheric pressure prevented the ejection of its lens cap.

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Data scientist carves out new life as sculptor

In the beginning, Edward Tufte kept his focus two-dimensional.

As an accomplished statistician and scientist, he was renowned for creating charts, graphs and schematics that helped companies and governments find patterns and problems.

In his role consulting for organisations like Nasa and IBM, he turned thousands of data points into clean, detailed and comprehensive images.

But as his career progressed, he was drawn to sculpture, and the infinite possibilities that came with designing in three dimensions.

Now, his skill with design and detail is no longer confined to the screen, but instead utilised to create giant metal works that incorporate light, movement and nature.

Mr Tufte discusses how his work as a scientist influences his art, including an ambitious new 50-acre project called The Silent Walls.

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The Man Who Saved Geometry | Doc Studio

Great Documentary….

Geometry: circles and triangles, protractors and Pythagoras. By the middle of the 20th century, it all looked dead. The excitement in math had moved to computers and chaos theory. But one man – Donald Coxeter – kept the torch burning, showing how geometry is at the core of all mathematics, and indeed governs our life from architecture to car design, from animated films to food molecules, from pineapples to modems.

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Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor


To purchase this direct, $14.

Purchase via a service provider, $150 (with installation).

Ok, it is gas, and I do not know what I am doing, so would have trouble installing myself, however this is quite a mark up….

(Interesting site btw for fix it yourself)

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