Dragon’s Beard Candy recipe

I found this great rouge cooking site, on which they had a recipe for Dragon’s beard candy.
It is basically cotton candy, made by hand.

Gave it a go, and after a false start (and a kilo of carmel) I managed to make some. It was really good. Worth the effort.

I had some trouble finding the recipe online, so here is the only I used.

For the candy

  • 200gms Sugar (I did not use any corn syrup, just granulated)
  • 2 drops (literally drops) of vinegar

For the filling

  • Corn Flour (to stop the strands sticking)
  • Almond slivers
  • Sugar

To make the candy.  Heat the sugar on moderate heat.
DO NOT STIR THE MIXTURE (this was my big mistake first time around, was a mess).
Heat until it reaches 130C on a candy thermometer.
Pour in a tub or bowl to cool.
When cool remove from the bowl (it is very sticky) and form into a donut.
Then make 2, 4, 8, 16, etc strands as per the video.
Use the corn flour to coat the strands all the time and stop them sticking.

For the filling I toasted some almonds & mixed with sugar.
Wrapped with the dragons beard it was delicious.

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