Leaside SUV Thefts Linked To Organized Crime – CityNews

Leaside SUV Thefts Linked To Organized Crime – CityNews: “A rash of SUV thefts in Leaside is linked to organized crime, police say.

Six Toyota Highlanders were stolen from driveways in the neighbourhood near Bayview and Eglinton somewhere between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Investigators believe the thieves are now capable of breaking into the vehicles by cracking the keyless entry codes, possibly using laptop computers.

“Toyota is confident in the integrity of our vehicle security system. We have a robust system, the integrity of which has never been compromised,” the automaker said in a statement.

Police are urging people to exercise caution when deciding where to park their vehicles.

“If you have a garage, use it, as well as if you have an alarm system, or a locking device for your steering wheel,’ Toronto Police PC Tony Vella advised. ‘The one thing you can do is create barriers.””

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