Was there a UFO above Dunton? – Biggleswade Today

Was there a UFO above Dunton? – Biggleswade Today: “Villagers report strange sightings in the night sky above a Mid Beds village
A mysterious light was spotted in the skies above Dunton on Sunday evening.

Residents saw an unidentified orange ball of light at around 10.15pm.
One told the Chronicle: ‘It seemed to be a sphere containing glowing flame, orange or yellow like a sun.

‘But it wasn’t a meteor or comet, it wasn’t travelling fast enough and had no tail.

‘It was silent, it wasn’t a plane or helicopter. It wasn’t a balloon or weather balloon.

‘We watched it till it flew past our property and past our tall conifers until it was out of sight, it seemed to spin or oscillate while it flew.

‘I couldn’t hazard a guess as to what it was, a bit of a mystery really.”

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  1. If it was flying and unidentified then it was a UFO. Doesn’t mean it was extraterrestrial though…

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