The funny thing about greenhouse gases

Not sure if there is much funny about the situation at the moment. It really does seem like the summers are getting warmer, wetter and the winters milder.

However there was an interesting story the other day on the BBC website about ice cores from the Antarcica.
Deep ice tells long climate story Appears CO2 is at the highest level for the last 800,000 years.

Now 800,000 years ago we were running around without a care in the world for mobile phones or who won survivvor (it was the real survivor I suppose).
But even 800,000 year ago it is still recent compared to the age of the dinosaurs (160 million years ago, big cold blooded animals, needing a warm climate). As you know they seemed to become extinct all of a sudden around 60 million years ago.
Logic is this. Now if oil is a bi-product of organic matter and all the oil seems to sit in massive underground reserves, in one location, could this be related to this very extinction event?

Now wouldn’t it be ironic if by burning fossil fuels, we could be simply returning the Carbon Dioxide from the past, back into the atmosphere once again. One big circle.

Still not good for humanity and the end of the world as we know it, but a big circle all the same. Funny that.